Daily Reminder

I love this saying. This encompasses what each of us should be striving for each day. 

I know we all wake up in the morning and have every good intention to make it the best day.  But family, kids, work, just life, can derail the intention within 2 seconds.

Being the best you can be each day takes work. It starts with getting enough sleep (7 hours at least please!), eating well (making the best choice you can every time you put something in your mouth), and making sure to be physically active each day (you would not skip the medicine a doctor perscribed you right?).

Besides being the healthy you, it also encompasses being thoughtful, kind, happy and supportive to each and every individual you spend your day with. By being the best you can be, can be contagious to those around you and help them be the best they can be.

Take these words to heart every day. Print it off and put it by your alarm clock or your bathroom mirror. Just be the best you, so you can have the best day.