Tis the season for fruit cake!

Back in the day, Egyptian's made fruit cake for their departed loved ones to carry with them to the afterlife. During the Crusades, returning crusaders brought fruit with them back to Northern Europe. They dried or turned the fruit into candy so they could travel many miles with it. They mixed the fruit into breads and cakes. Because the fruit came from the Holy Land, it was saved for feast days, such as Easter and Christmas. Now a days, we buy it from a local grocery store or order it online. Collin Street Bakery in Texas is the largest producers of fruit cake in the world and have been around since 1896! They ship out a million of their DeLuxe fruit cakes around the world each year!

A serving of fruit cake has about:
-140 calories
-5 g. of fat
-0 g. saturated fat
-0 mg. cholesterol
-25 Total Carbohydrates
-1 g. protein
-2 g. dietary fiber.

Wow! Fruit cake is actually pretty healthy, so maybe you can have 2 servings! Enjoy!!!!

-Guest Blogger, Mireya Del Carpio