Recently, I attended the Iowa Dietetic Association's annual meeting, with one of my dear friends and former co-worker, Brenda. Not only was it great to spend 2 days learning about the world of nutrition and dietetics, but to spend it with someone who understands the world of being a dietitian.

Do you know who YOUR dietitian is?

A dietitian should be part of YOUR health care team. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians are someone you should all know by name.


Dietitian's are the nutrition expert. Dietitian's go to college for a minimum of 4 years to study the ins and outs of all things nutrition. We then are required to go through an accredited internship which is a minimum of 6 months to apply our nutrition knowledge in the professional world. After our internship is complete, we then take a test to become "registered". This is what RD stands for, registered dietitian. This registration is a national registration. We then are required to be licensed in the state we practice. In Iowa, this is what LD stands for, licensed dietitian.

Is YOUR dietitian a RD? Is YOUR dietitian licensed in your state?

The root of many things medical is food and nutrition based, so start from the ground up. How did the food get to my table and how does this food affect my life? How can my "registered dietitian" help me?

Find YOUR dietitian in your area today: www.eatright.org